Monday, September 14, 2009

Call for Inquiry into Status of Elections Alberta

Submitted by Edwin Erickson

Monday, September 14, 2008:

How many people in this province have the ability to file a complaint with Elections Alberta on a Friday, and to have the acting “Chief Electoral Officer” remain in her office with the “Director of Elections Operations” – late into the afternoon -- investigating a complaint, with absolutely no corroborating evidence? Joe Anglin filed a complaint with cogent corroborating evidence months ago, in an effort to save the Green Party, and Elections Alberta saw fit to do nothing.

We are now expected to believe that the reason for the investigation (which has changed since Anglin was first informed) is the result of a citizen’s complaint. Yet, even if the complaint was legitimate (and it is not), what did Elections Alberta hope to accomplish on a Friday afternoon at 5 PM? The flyer had already been delivered! There was nothing they could possibly have done to reverse the mail-out!

It is our opinion that someone of a higher ranking authority directed Lori McKee-Jeske, Chief Electoral Officer, and Drew Westwater, Director of Elections Operations, to work late into the afternoon on this matter. Had McKee-Jeske or Westwater simply asked for a copy of the mail-out, they would have realized the mail-outs had not been addressed -- end of investigation!

In fact, the only evidence that exists is the evidence that Anglin exercised his right of “Freedom of Speech” in a democratic process. Anglin’s response is posted on the following Concerned Albertans for Responsible Government Facebook link:

We, the Lavesta Area Group, believe Anglin has been subjected by Elections Alberta to a double standard of treatment, wherein rules and regulations are selectively enforced against some individuals and not others.

We are now calling upon this government for a full, independent, public inquiry into the status and function of Elections Alberta. Is Elections Alberta an active political organization with an agenda, or is it an independent agency with a defined function? Why are some complaints investigated and others ignored? Why are some complaints pursued in the absence of evidence, while others, accompanied with substantive cogent evidence of wrong-doing, are never investigated? Anglin is willing to submit to a polygraph test in Elections Alberta’s investigation; are they willing to submit to a polygraph test in a full independent public inquiry?

Edwin Erickson, Director

Lavesta Area Group

Tel: 780-682-2368 Cell: 780-621-3442

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