Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clearwater County Municipal Development Plan Update

Clearwater County is currently in the process of creating a Municipal Development Plan and provided community feedback on progress so far at the Caroline Complex last Wednesday, March 11. Chris Ulmer from Parkland Community Planning Services presented a Draft Strategies Report to a handful of interested community people along with county and village councillors. He noted that so far, some 200 people had attended planning sessions at various community halls in Clearwater County to brainstorm over the future of the county. 78 preliminary questionnaires were also returned.
The Municipal Development Plan will deal with the subjects of the County's Natural Capital (agricultural lands, forests,water), Green Places and Recreation (includes use of backcountry trails by large numbers of people) , Rural Residential (includes controversial multi lot subdivisions), Hamlets (expansion possibilities), Economic Development (diversify a local economy that is currently very resource dependent while retaining an agricultural base), Infrastructure (roads, utilities, etc.), Services (health,education, etc.) and Intermunicipal and Local Area Planning.
Caroline, as a Village and independent municipality, fits into this last category and the idea is to undertake a Joint Outline Plan with the Village for a mutually agreed upon fringe area of land..
The two municipalities are well positioned to this after many years of extensive cooperation
The Province requires counties in Alberta to create municipal development plans which create a mosaic that theoretically will form the basis for, and fit into, regional development plans.
The planning process is ongoing and further community involvement will be solicited. To find out more, please Google Clearwater County Alberta.

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