Monday, September 1, 2008

Pen Meets Paper, Sept. 1, '08

Pen Meets Paper
Opinion by Helge Nome
Word is out that there will be a Federal election shortly. The conservatives, led by Stephen Harper, are hoping to form for a majority government. The Dion Liberals, having launched a misguided plan for a carbon tax, are set for a massive election loss. So what are we going to get from Harper's crew, once they are back in office, backed by a small percentage of eligible Canadian voters?
More of the same, no doubt, with Bills C51 and C52 in the works to restrict the freedom of Canadians to make choices about what they can consume. Bill C51 seeks to restrict access to natural health products and C52 gives “the Minister”authority to send inspectors into your premises and remove whatever they please at your expense with no accountability to the legal system represented by courts and juries and judges. The “Minister”, elevated into his or her position by unknown interest groups, can do what he or she pleases without being accountable to anybody under the proposed legislation.
The liberals brought in Bill C68 which established the gun registry which was supposed to protect us from criminals. Many people voted for the conservatives with the idea of getting rid of that monster. And what did they do? Nothing. And I have been informed by one gun dealer that people who hardly know the front from the rear of a gun have walked out of his shop as the legally registered owner of a fire arm. As we all know, the gun registry has merely established a lucrative black market for guns. Mortality statistics clearly indicate that gang members have no difficulty in arming themselves to the teeth. So why does our government want to know the names and addresses of law abiding citizens who own a gun? So that the people who call themselves the legally elected representatives of Canadians can take all the guns back, if they feel threatened at any time. It is all perfectly logical.
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