Monday, November 23, 2009

Remembrance Day in Caroline

The annual ceremony, held in the Legion Hall in Caroline, last Wednesday, November 11 was very well attended with few empty seats. A broad cross section of community members, including war veterans and members of Caroline 1st. Scouting, came to remember the sacrifices made by members of Canada’s armed forces in wars past.
Included were also members of local families who have passed on and whose names were remembered at the ceremony during the wreath laying.
MC for the day was Legion President Pirrko Van Dijk who introduced Pastor Jason Sedore for the prayer.
Following the 2 minute silence in honor of the dead, Vern Graham read the Honor Roll with the names of soldiers recognized by the Caroline Legion.
Elizabeth Ahlstrom recited the poem “In Flanders Fields” and was followed by Pastor Sedore who spoke about how lucky we are to enjoy the fruits of the struggles of generations past and how we need to appreciate what they have given us.
Dwight Oliver from Clearwater County spoke about how wars begin in our own back yard with the us/them mentality and warned about “tribalism” within the community. “We are all in it together”, he said.
The annual wreath laying followed with wreaths from organizations and individuals being placed by the cenotaph positioned at the front of the hall for the occasion.
As usual, Caroline 1st. Scouting did a splendid job of placing wreaths for people that were not able to attend the ceremonies.

Green Light for Caroline Cinema
Rocky Youth Development Society President Greg Imeson has reported that a court case brought against the establishment of the cinema and Boys and Girls Club facility on the west end of Caroline by local businessman Reg Dean has ended.
Mr. Dean had challenged the decision by the Village’s Subdivision Development Appeal Board to allow the project to go ahead based on the argument that insufficient parking space is available for such a venture.
The judge ruled in favor of the Village’s decision to allow the development to go ahead.

Women of Worth Event Planning
There will be a planning session for upcoming events hosted by Caroline’ Women of Worth (WOW) this Saturday, November 21 at Sharleen Thornberry’s residence at Living Faith (first house on right) west of Caroline. Volunteers are needed to help with the Spring Showcase, Grad Tea and Fall Fling. Contact Louise (722-2409) for details

Carol Fest on December 13
The event is set to take place between 5pm and 7pm at the Caroline Complex and is called “Christmas, Country Style”. The Caroline Family Singers will be hosting the event, Lillian Colson will choreograph the music and Donna Stahlwick will conduct the singers.
People who would like to participate may contact Cassidy Crawford (722-3319), Debbie McIvor (722-2956) or Louise Bystrom (722-2409)

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