Monday, November 9, 2009

Cabinet Minister calls Joe Anglin a dangerous troublemaker

(Buck Lake, AB) An Alberta cabinet minister has suggested that speaking out against business interests trying to build power transmission lines in the province could cost you your life. At last week's AUMA conference in Calgary, Minister of Transportation Luke Ouellette said he was surprised “someone hadn't dealt with” Joe Anglin, who is travelling the province raising concerns with Bill 50.

Anglin, who heads the Lavesta Area Group and represents the membership of United Power Transmission Action Group (UPTAG), believes the public’s interest is being undermined by proposed legislation that will remove public consultation, and the public’s right to question the “need” for major energy transmission projects. Further, Anglin asserts that interests that stand to profit from the imposition of Bill 50 and the provincial government are spending tens of millions of dollars in the province to sway public opinion.

Minister Ouellette characterized Anglin as “dangerous” and “a troublemaker”. David Karroll, a town councillor attending the annual conference and who witnessed Ouellette's remarks at the AUMA, has written to the speaker of the legislature and the premier demanding the minister's resignation.

“It was clear from the content of his statement that Minister Ouellette was implying why someone hadn’t eliminated (killed) or dealt harm to Mr. Anglin in an attempt to silence him,” Karroll said Sunday.

The councillor explained that Anglin, who contested the Lacombe-Ponoka seat in the last election, was spied on by the government during 2007 transmission line hearings and was most recently attacked by the province's Chief Electoral Officer, alleging wrongdoing in two anonymous and false allegations.

After being informed of the minister’s comments, Anglin said there are two interesting words that require the minister’s clarification. “First, what did he mean by dangerous and second, how exactly does he anticipate that someone should deal with me?” Anglin thinks that Ouellette should be explaining himself publically since he made the comments in public.

Karroll is demanding an independent inquiry into Ouellette's conduct.

For further information, please contact:

Edwin Erickson
Lavesta Area Group Director
(780) 682-2368

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