Monday, November 29, 2021

Could Omicron be GOOD news? Variant 'might speed up end of pandemic if it causes mild illness' as South Africa records NO hospital admissions or deaths from super strain - but scientists won't know for at least two weeks

Weekend rain drenches southwest B.C., prompting flood warnings, evacuations

Brad Gushue, Jennifer Jones will curl for Canada at Beijing Olympics–%20Morning_1613_342566

'There's nothing to stop it': Floodwaters rising in Abbotsford as Nooksack River overflows

If the way we work is going to change, offices are going to change, too

Got something in self storage? What you need to know amid rising thefts

Canada's first cases of the omicron coronavirus variant confirmed in Ottawa

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Flooding in Australia

BC floods tonight, and more

Societal Power Play

By Helge Nome

The world wide COVID pandemic and the increasingly obvious effects of violent weather events are bringing home the power of governments to control people

The emergence of new, ever more virulent variants on the COVID front bring forth ever stronger government counter measures, like effective social isolation for those that refuse to be immunized.

States of emergency are routinely declared by governments in the face of violent weather events, as in the recent flooding event in southern British Columbia.

In tandem with these developments, mega corporations are using their social media platforms to rope people into their folds with the object of exploiting them to the fullest.

They try to create virtual worlds, where people spend most of their waking time being manipulated.

I believe this is a repeat of what has happened, possibly many times in the past; the silent reminders of which are the gigantic stone structures left behind by previous iterations of civilizations.

Church of Sweden apologizes, embarks on reconciliation with Indigenous Sámi people

Attention shoppers: Overcharged for an item at checkout? You might be able to get it for free

Travel curbs aimed at omicron variant tighten across the world

As critics warn of genetic 'surveillance', RCMP explores use of DNA matching in criminal probes

Heavy rain returns to southern B.C., triggering new evacuation order

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Fauci says 'he wouldn't be surprised' if Omicron COVID variant is already in the US as flights continue to arrive from South Africa and Biden is slammed for delay in banning travel: UK identifies two cases and orders travel restrictions

Russia starts full-scale production of its 'unstoppable' 6,670mph Zircon hypersonic missile as Moscow boasts it has capability to evade all Western defences

Photos:Three people are killed by falling trees in Storm Arwen: More than 130,000 homes are without power with 100mph gales and snow blizzards causing travel chaos and amber and yellow warnings still in place across UK

As Russia builds up military near border with Ukraine, the West fears the worst

Canada, a critical-minerals superpower? Let's pause for a reality check

Residents fear effects of increasing quarry activity on Elmvale groundwater, believed to be cleanest in world

A 20-year spike in inflation could put the bite on the Trudeau Liberals

Powerful documentary: Come hell ... B.C. under water

Friday, November 26, 2021

Wet'suwet'en hereditary chief says RCMP raids and courts orders won't stop pipeline blockade

This 13-year-old metal detectorist unearthed a trove of possible Bronze Age axes

David Suzuki apologizes for saying pipelines could be 'blown up'

Storm Arwen claims her first victim: Driver dies after being hit by a falling tree as police warn motorists not to travel and Met Office issues highest 'danger to life' alert amid 100mph gales, flooding and BLIZZARDS

Pictured: First victim of Channel tragedy that killed 27 migrants is confirmed as Kurdish student, 21, from northern Iraq who lost contact with her husband in middle of sea

RCMP expected stiffer resistance during raid in B.C. pipeline, land rights conflict

Up to 10% of homes could now be 'uninsurable' because of flood risk. Yours may be one of them