Friday, December 23, 2022

Prince Justin's holiday

Reportedly. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to spend a week in Jamaica with his family, compliments of the Royal Canadian Air Force (that is us, taxpayers), skipping all the nasty weather Canadians and Americans are having to put up with, including power outages, untrafficable roads and grounded aircraft.

This is perfectly in line with previous behaviour, like ignoring the first Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Day on September 30, 2021, going surfing at Tofino on Vancouver Island instead. And that’s only one in a long list of behaviours indicating his self centred behaviour and indifference to others.

His ego likely took a huge hit when his minders persuaded him to go into hiding in a cottage in the woods as the Freedom convoy approached Ottawa back in February. At that time he became the laughing stock of better than half of all Canadians.

(Reminds me of the time when Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser appeared in the lobby of a Memphis, Tennessee hotel in his underpants in 1986. His wife back in Australia was said to have dealt with the situation : )))

Anyway, I think Prince Justin knows that he is set to be replaced by Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre following the next federal election, and frankly don’t care what anybody thinks about him.

What amazes me and makes me hopeful for the future is that the people who put Justin Trudeau into the PM’s chair didn’t have the brains to know what they were dealing with.

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