Thursday, May 5, 2022

Norwegian way

“On Oct. 31, 1807, Denmark joined the continental alliance against Britain. In response, Britain blockaded the sea route connecting Denmark and Norway. Grain shipments from Denmark to Norway stopped, and Norwegian exports could not get out.”

From 1940 to 1945, Norway was occupied by some 285,000 German troops and needed food help from Denmark to feed its population.

Right now, Norwegian agricultural producers are in the middle of negotiations with the Norwegian government to set prices for agricultural products for the upcoming year and income subsidies for farmers.

My fellow Norwegians learnt the hard way that food availability is more important than money, when push comes to shove, and have no problem in paying for having a viable agricultural sector.

That in contrast to North America and Australia where producers take whatever markets give to them in return for their products and hope for the best and some government handouts and loans if things go sideways.

Norwegians also see agricultural policies as an integral part of their defence strategy: Small rural communities are kept financially viable along with communications infrastructure, making the nation more able to counter a possible enemy attack.

So, in this case “socialism” can be seen to make sense.

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