Monday, April 4, 2022

Nuclear red herring?

Some thoughts for those that believe Putin to be a nutcase.

The tension in Ukraine has been there for centuries between ethnic groups and surrounding empires. Last century, it was an important republic in the Soviet Union and has been missed ever since by Moscow.

Putin has been biding his time, waiting for an opportunity to bring Ukraine back in the fold. Instead, it has moved towards western ideas and culture. Or lack of culture, in Putin's opinion.

Meanwhile, Europe has become dependent upon Russia for a substantial part of its energy supply, heating homes, moving cars, etc.

That was the ace up Putin's sleeve when he invaded Ukraine. He knew full well that European nations would not get actively involved, risking a drastic drop in their energy supply, without alternative energy sources being able to be brought on stream anytime soon.

He also knows that Americans would be very reluctant to engage him, especially with (sleepy) Joe Biden at the helm.

So, the nuclear trigger thing is mostly put out there for public consumption.

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