Sunday, March 20, 2022

Putin's edge

Putin knows that he has got the world by the "you know whats" and he is using that knowledge to get rid of the "nationalists" in Ukraine and bring that state back into the fold of "Mother Russia".
Whatever is left of Ukraine that is, after the conflict is over.

During the last 20 years or so, Putin has modernized the Russian armory to the point where he now has an arsenal of hypersonic missiles at his disposal, in contrast to the West who has been caught with its pants down.

One telling piece of evidence to this effect is that Ukrainian President Zelenski's pleas for help from Israel are falling on deaf ears. That in spite of Zelenski being a Jew and speaking on behalf of thousands of jews in Ukraine.

The powers that be in Israel know that they are at the mercy of Putin's nuclear trigger finger with no defence against a nuclear attack on Tel Aviv, for example.

Likewise, the Wall Street crew knows that Manhattan could be gone, reduced to rubble, by another Putin whim.

So, there we are. This conflict has just started.

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