Friday, February 25, 2022

From inside Putin's head

Vladimir Putin sees, when looking at the political leaders of the US, England, Germany, France, Australia or Canada, nobody who is a match for himself in terms of political cunning or leadership.
Joe Biden demonstrated his mental feebleness with the disaster that unfolded in Afghanistan, based on his lack of sound judgement.
British PM Boris Johnson's political career was likely saved by Putin's move into Ukraine, as he was about to be turfed by his own party due to indiscretions during the Covid pandemic.
The same goes for our own 'Prince' Justin here in Canada who has been busy dividing the country by invoking the Emergencies Act that was subsequently revoked a few days later due to the European situation.
And Jens Stoltenberg, my fellow countryman and mouthpiece for NATO, who came up through the ranks of the Labor Party in Norway and served as Prime Minister for a time.
Putin knows that none of these people are a match for him and that emboldened him to make a beeline for Kyiv to bring Ukraine back into the Russian fold.

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