Friday, July 13, 2012

Report states that Leslieville has development potential

Leslieville's busy community centre

Photo and story by Helge Nome

The Hamlet of Leslieville became an object of attention at the Clearwater County Council meeting on July 10.  Bill Shaw from BPS Consulting Ltd. presented his report on the growth potential of the two hamlets of Leslieville and Condor, that are under the jurisdiction of Clearwater County.

The impetus for the report came from Clearwater County's Municipal Development Plan which encourages development within and around existing hamlets rather than spurious development in the farmland areas. Of the two hamlets, Leslieville came in well ahead of Condor as a potential development target.

The  community came into being some 100 years ago as an agricultural service centre situated on the railway line running west to Rocky Mountain House and the coal mining town of Nordegg and has a lot of character, including a nearby lake and hilly wooded terrain in the surrounding farmland.

Leslieville, with its 200 residents, is well endowed with services and facilities: Elementary school, Volunteer Fire Department, Community Centre and Elks Hall. It sports an multi use outdoor pitch, playground and swing set, outdoor skating rink, basketball nets and ball diamonds.

Consultant Bill Shaw concluded that Leslieville and its surrounding area has good development potential and his report was well received by Clearwater County Council. However, no decision was made on follow-up action based on the report.
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