Sunday, January 22, 2012

Syria - the other side of the story

Bomb equipment dismantled

Civilian Engineer Martyred in Hama, a Law Enforcement Member Killed in Daraa, Officer Martyred in Idleb

1. Engineer Fatima Khalifeh, worker at the Electricity Generation Plant in Mehardeh in Hama Province, on Wednesday succumbed to her wounds after being shot in her head by an armed terrorist group on Tuesday. In the framework of targeting the technical cadres and the national expertise, an armed terrorist group opened fire at a microbus carrying 25 employees who work at the Electricity Energy Generation Company in Mehardeh area near Khirbet Damis Crossroads. Engineer Khalifeh was taken to Massyaf National Hospital after being shot in the head.

2. Body of Veterinarian Nabil Makroj Found at al-Bayyada Neighborhood in Homs. The body of Veterinarian Nabil Makroj , who was kidnapped by an armed terrorist group few days ago, was found at al-Bayyada Neighborhood in Homs. An informed source told SANA Correspondent that Makroj was kidnapped on January 14th while he was performing his duty in guaranteeing the required vaccines for the livestock in Deir Ba’alba Neighborhood. Forensic examiners said that after examining the body, traces of torture and mutilation were found on it, adding that Makroj was strangled at the hands of the terrorists who kidnapped him.

3. Law-enforcement Member Martyred, Another Wounded in Daraa. A Law-enforcement member was martyred on Wednesday and another was wounded as well as a woman after an armed terrorist gang fired at them in the city of Tafas in Daraa province. A police source said the armed terrorist group fired at the two law-enforcement members while they were in the line of duty leading to the martyrdom of Bassam Mustafa and wounding Amer Saleh in addition to a woman who happened to be passing by the area.

4. Military Engineering Units in Daraa dismantle two explosives. Military Engineering Units today in Daraa dismantled two explosive devices, prepared to be bombed in places crowded with civilians.
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