Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"I Love Rocky"

That was the message from incumbent, outgoing and incoming Rocky Credit Union board members at the Annual General Meeting on February 1 at the Lou Soppit Center in Rocky Mountain House. Retiring board members Donna Beagle and Sandra Hermann were presented with gifts for their long service on the Credit Union board. Seen here with President Carson Stewart. Newly elected board members on the right are Andy Smith and Dean Schweder. Incumbents Don Forsyth and Ralph Otto on the left. Not present, Fred Purdy and Jo Wuth.
CEO Daniel Johnson presented the following message to the large audience assembled to celebrate the Rocky Credit Union's 65th Birthday: "Rocky Credit Union had another challenging and successful year - prudent balance sheet management and careful cost management allowed us to pay our members half a million dollars in profit sharing. That's over four million dollars paid to our member/owners in the last five years! The ability to pay dividends in this economic climate is a significant testament to how robust and sophisticated Rocky Credit Union has evolved. The increasingly complex dynamics of the financial services industry has become even more evident as global economic uncertainty continues to play out. Our commitment to meet these challenges head-on in an innovative approach ensures we remain focused on providing competitive rates and relevant products and services."
Following the meeting, Guest Speaker, economist Helmut Pasterick, gave a very cautious economic forecast with lots of uncertainties built in. The much publicized growth of 5% in the US economy last year, was only "technically correct" based on the figures used, he said. Real growth was more like 2%.

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